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David's  art is an abode for which to elude; once emerged, the rewards are the appearance of exclusive metaphors. Succumbing to the canvas yields endless value…The imagery "keeps on giving."


The images are photographs including “abstract photography.” David has a  goal when he is looking through the lens; he wants to capture imagery that looks like the paintings that he sees. The abstract images are not visible to the naked eye it is only seen through the camera lens and is often created using reflected light and found objects.


David was born in Northern B.C. Canada. He has been “doing art” since childhood experimenting in multiple mediums including: wax crayons on walls :), ink pen drawing, pencil drawing, felt pen drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting, pantone paper cut-outs, plaster sculptures, clay sculpture, screen-printing, fabric art, a large variety of multimedia including extreme 4’x8’ wax, moss and peacock feather installation art on plywood…


As far back as he can remember, David has been trying to reproduce the fasinating images that he sees embeded in everything that he looks at. As a child David use to run home and feverishly try to draw the "faces and figures" that revealed themselves to him in the snowbanks, tree leaves, bark, mudpuddles etc.


During the last 10 years David has found photography to be the ultimate vehicle to seize the images of which he has been endlessly pursuing.

“Art begins with the individual. When the individuality appears, that’s the beginning of art.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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